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ilo tracing at the module/action/client level

Let's assume the package is installed on an Oracle10g database, so the dbms_monitor package will be invoked to enable monitoring.  Tasks are marked with module, action and client, yet the Hotsos_ILO_Task.Set_Config procedure does not allow me so specify these items.  The tracing is set for the current session using the dbms_monitor.session_trace_enable procedure, which effectively turns tracing on for all Hotsos instrumented code if I call set_config with values true, when I really only want to enable tracing for a specific module/action.  What I expected was the ability to set tracing for the module and/or action level, for very granular tracing capabilities by invoking the dbms_monitor.serv_mod_act_stat_enable(service_name, module_name,action_name) procedure and minimizing the system tracing and output trace file size.  I realize that is still an option for me to use on any 10g database, but for 9i databases, the dbms_support.start_trace procedure is invoked with the same issues, where I can use dbms_support.start_trace_in_session, but it would be much easier and consistent to have the Hotsos_ILO_Task.Set_Config accept the module/action/client to better handle this.  I'm not complaining, this utility makes code instrumentation very useful, but at the same time, I want to ensure that I'm not missing something.  My basic question comes down to:  Is there a way in both 9i/10g databases to configure the Hotsos_ILO to trace a specific module/action.  If not, is it on the new features list or should I just customize it here?  thanks
scott omalley Send private email
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Good points. It could be straight forward enough to allow another procedure that would allow adding a module/action which would then be checked in the begin_task to see if tracing needs to start. This would allow some finer granularity into tracing that would not be currently available in 9i. However, it would still need to be a way for the procedure to be set in the current session where interested and instrumented code is running. 10g allows the tracing of module/action across sessions and instance shutdown (a very nice feature). 9i does not allow this capability and to add that capability (while possible) to ILO would extensive. In essence the would be a finer grained set_config(trace=>true) for only a specific module/action (we could also have a ALL_ACTIONS capability). So is adding this feature for setting a module/action trace capabilities desirable if it would only be for that session where this package is running and does not survive instance shutdown/startup (unless an extension saved this info into a table and reread on session starting)?
Eric Evans Send private email
Thursday, June 7, 2007

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