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harness tools not working - Solaris 2.8

After running the following to install the harness tools:
sqlplus "sys as sysdba" @harness_sys_install
sqlplus "sys as sysdba" @harness_grant_privs harness
sqlplus harness @harness_user_install

I get the following when running the dosql command:
SQL>    @dosql parent parent orig
Snapshot 1 collection OK.
Snapshot 2 collection OK.

Extended SQL Trace (10046) file DID NOT load!

When running the hxplan command:
SQL>    @hxplan
Enter .sql file name (without extension): parent
Enter the display level (TYPICAL, ALL, BASIC, SERIAL) [TYPICAL]  :
Error: cannot fetch plan for statement_id '        121319'

Any ideas?  Am I installing it incorrectly?

- Rick
Rick Stephenson Send private email
Friday, October 5, 2007

  Is the script parent.sql in the correct format for the harness scripts?  Last line should a "/" by itself.

Monty Orme Send private email
Friday, October 5, 2007
Also make sure you started the harness using @start_harness and all the configuration settings are correct.

To further Monty's point about having the last line have a /, you can do the following to confirm your .sql file will work properly using the harness:

SQL> get parent.sql
... your statement will display here

SQL> /

Make sure it will run successfully in this manner and you've pretty much duplicated what the harness will do to execute it. 

Also, make sure to check that the parent.sql file is in your default directory (i.e. the one from which you started SQL*Plus).
Karen Morton Send private email
Friday, October 5, 2007
I didn't realize I needed to be in the same directory as my sql statement.  Changing to that directory solved the "cannot fetch plan" error.

I'm still getting the error "Extended SQL Trace (10046) file DID NOT load!".  What else should I look at?

I have checked the UDUMP directory and can see the trace file.  Is there some reason the scripts are not able to see the trace file?

- Rick
Rick Stephenson Send private email
Friday, October 5, 2007
It looks like the problem is the "replace" after the spool command.  The docs with the harness say replace works with 9.1.x and above, but I am finding that it does not work with  I have removed the "replace" and things are working much better.

- Rick
Rick Stephenson Send private email
Friday, October 5, 2007

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