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Use of Hotsos ILO with Perl DBI: Book chapter for review

Hi folks,

this is an invitation to review a book chapter on my MERITS performance optimization method. It includes a case study that uses Hotsos ILO through Perl DBI (some wrapper Perl subs are in the code), extended SQL trace, AWR and ASH. Source code is available too.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Norbert Debes

Dear fellow ORACLE database administrator or developer,
I would like to invite you to join the review process of an upcoming book on the ORACLE database management system (DBMS). I'm confident that the review process will spawn fruitful discussions that all of us can benefit from.

The book covers many undocumented features and aspects of the ORACLE DBMS including but not limited to:
- how to generate a resource profile from extended SQL trace files using Perl (book includes a Perl program which is better than TKPROF in some aspects, try it! See file in the "Files" section of the Yahoo Group)
- how pga_aggregate_target is implemented with hidden parameters
- hidden parameters in general
- IND$, V$OBJECT_USAGE and index monitoring
- events (trace, optimizer)
- Extended SQL Trace File Format Reference
- end to end monitoring, tracing with PL/SQL and JDBC, TRCSESS pitfalls
- Compiling performance diagnostic data from SQL trace files
- Statspack (undocumented parameters, how to link hash value in SQL trace to Statspack, repository structure, how to find used indexes, how to find current and past execution plans for statemnts in SQL trace files, how to get full SQL text with correct syntax, i.e. without forced line breaks)
- AWR: how to find current and past execution plans for statemnts in SQL trace files in the AWR repository
- undocumented aspects of V$ views
- X$ fixed tables
- undocumented packages
- undocumented aspects of Real Application Clusters (removing RAC option in case of emergency, manual load rebalancing with services and TAF)
- and more, see TOC.pdf

For those of you who don't know me, I've been working with the ORACLE DBMS since 1995 and since Oracle6. The six years I spent at Oracle Germany were probably the most influential period. In case you are interested in additional information about myself, please find my CV at

The review process is handled through the Yahoo Group oracle_book_review. You may join this group by directing your browser to As an alternative you may reply to this mail and I will invite you to the group. However this will fail if email from yahoo is blocked from your inbox. As soon as your request to join the group is approved, you will receive a PDF document which explains the technicalities of the review process.

I would be delighted to welcome you on the board of reviewers. I promise to add each reviewer who brought up at last one issue to the acknowledgments section of the book, given that the reviewer wishes this. Reviewers who want to be added to the acknowlegements section are asked to indicate how their name should be quoted, e.g. with or without company name, middle initial, city and country, etc.

If you are interested in reviewing the book, please indicate previous experience with the ORACLE DBMS and how much time you intend to devote to the review process. Currently, all I can offer as compensation is a free copy of the finished book for those who make a significant contribution.

Concerning copyright, I kindly request that you do not make the PDF files available to any third parties or upload them to any servers on the internet. I am sure that you understand that doing so would make my whole effort useless. No one would buy the book, if the PDF files could be donwloaded freely. So please refrain from disseminating the files.

Thank you for your time and kind regards,

Norbert Debes
Norbert Debes Send private email
Saturday, November 10, 2007
I would be happy to assist in the review process. I'll apply to the Yahoo group mentioned.
Ron Crisco Send private email
Saturday, November 10, 2007

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